• Salveez Triple Pack


    This is an all natural, formulation for the effective relief of dry, itchy skin which consists of herbs preserved in sesame oil and beeswax sourced from New Zealand.

    Salveez relieves the itch on babies bottoms, burns, cuts, grazes, wounds, insect bites, sunburn and dry skin.  Salveez is also great for dry lips.

    Suitable for use on babies to adults. Salveez has no nasty chemicals or added preservatives and is completely natural. Our fragrance comes from naturally derived essential oils and was specifically engineered to safety standards for your continued enjoyment of our effective and 100% natural healing balm. Relax in the knowledge that Salveez is safe to use on broken skin.

    HOW TO USE:  Apply at least twice daily and as often as needed on more severe cases.   CAN BE USED ON BROKEN SKIN.

    Allergy information: contains bee products and sesame. Please patch test before using if you are an allergy sufferer.

    Ingredients: beeswax, sesame oil, angelica, cinnamon, figwort, peony, rhubarb root, natural fragrance from essential oils  (cinnamal, citral, eugenol, limonene, linalool)




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